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Turn to Better Appliance for the best deals on top-of-the-line appliances, including new, scratch and dent as well as used models. We provide huge discounts on appliances for customers across Maryland, Virginia, and beyond.

We are a locally owned business with over 15 years of experience in the appliance industry. Our buyers are able to source and purchase inventory directly from the manufactures in large quantities. The money saved by eliminating the big box stores is passed directly on to our customers.

We aim to meet the needs of all households and all budgets. Our extensive variety of products consists of brand new high end appliances as well as scratch & dent inventory. We carry a wide variety of models and brands. Each appliance is thoroughly tested by our experienced technicians before being placed on the showroom floor. We stock hundreds of appliances each week . All of our inventory is ready to go home on the same day of purchase. Visit us today so you won’t miss out on your perfect appliance!

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Hundreds of appliances, Inventory changes daily

We carry a variety of models with hundreds of appliances to choose from each week. Our in-stock inventory is ready to take home the day you find it, so don’t miss out on your perfect appliance.

Save even more with appliance bundles

Attention builders, stagers and property management companies, we are the appliance store for you. We already offer great deals on individual appliances and now you can save even more money by building your own bundle.

Wholesale truckloads

Don’t wait! Our supply is limited. Be sure to secure your load as soon as possible. Due to the high volume of products moved daily, we typically do not have time to post inventory before it is sold. Please give us a call and we can tell you exactly what we have on hand.

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