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Choose our scratch and dent appliances for your home or business and save big on the appliance of your choice. Plus, we offer high-quality after-sale services to keep your appliances functioning smoothly for years to come.

In case of any issue, our in-house customer service will help you resolve it on the spot.

The main questions that customers have about our used appliances normally relate to concerns about reliability-how do they know that our appliances won’t breakdown the minute they get them home? The reality is that we source our used appliances carefully and check them over thoroughly before they’re put up for sale.

When you do purchase a used appliance from us, remember that it comes with a 45-day no-hassle warranty. In the unlikely event it breaks, send it back and we’ll replace it or give you refund.
Take a look at some other questions we often get asked about our used appliances.

Every used appliance we sell comes with a
45-day no-quibble warranty. In the unlikely event there are any problems with your purchase, return it and we’ll issue you with a refund.

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